The Role of Sales is Not to Sell

This-One-ThingI travel a lot. Many of you reading this do. It’s the nature of the beast in sales. As I type this I’m on a flight to Melbourne Australia, on the first leg of seven countries on three continents this month alone. Two weeks ago I was in Hong Kong and a month before that I was in Bali. Bottom line…I spend a great deal of time in airports. As such, I spend much of that time in airport bookshops. What I see in every single airport, in dozens of countries, is very similar.

Books on How to Do Things

There seems to be a pattern around the world of B2B and B2C sales literature.

  • 10 Ways to do this.
  • 15 Surefire ways to do that.
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws on this.
  • 5 Ways to think about that.

The list goes on and on and on. You get the idea: Cold Calling, Negotiating, Presenting, etc. On my most recent layover, I counted all the “ways” to do something on the book covers. If I were to read every title in that single bookstore, I would have over 600 different ways to do everything. Of course, each and every book swears that their number is unequivocally THE best way to do them. So surely if I read them all, I’d be the best at everything right? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying these are all wastes of time and a bunch of hogwash. Some of them are good ideas, but they all center on what you can do to convince the buyer to buy. As such, they all miss the most important point of all.

Our role is not to sell the buyer anything. I know you’re in sales, and on the surface this flies in the face of why you were hired. Doesn’t make it right though. So now, I’m going to write the world’s shortest book on how to shorten your sales cycle, close more sales, and do it with higher margins. The title of my soon-to-be bestseller is revolutionary. It will cause a butterfly effect of positive disruption across the planet, and it will change the way you do everything. Are you ready? As readers of my blog, you all get an advance copy of the book for free and in advance.

Sales Book Title: This One Thing

Chapter One:

You’re role as a seller is simple. There aren’t 600 ways to do it; there is just “This One Thing.”

Stop trying to sell anything!

The end.

So, there it is. Literary genius in the making, one singular action item to end them all. No more chaos, no more questions, and no more myriad ways to do the only thing you need to do to be successful in sales. “This One Thing.”

Now as a new author of this revolutionary epiphany, I am virtually required to follow it up with another new bestseller to the first book. Great news again! I’m going to release it to my readers once again for free and in advance. So for you faithful friends, here is the second soon to be planetary bestseller.

Sales Book Title: How to do This One Thing

Chapter One:

Help your client make the best and most informed, intelligent decision possible, even if that isn’t you. Become their Trusted Advisor.

The end.

There you have it. Two books each with one chapter, and the end of you having to figure out 600 ways to do what is very simple. I suppose I could have written two chapters in the first book and done it all then but hey, I’m now an in demand best selling author and my fans have expectations! In all seriousness though, the key points to remember here are simple. It isn’t about you and it’s all about them. Focus on that and you will sell more and sell it more often.

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