Use CRM for Sales Training, Sales Coaching On Demand in Real Time

Someday we won’t send people to sales training just to have them forget what they learned thirty days later.

Someday managers won’t wait until sales people fail to start coaching them. They won’t have to rely on trainers to improve the skill and knowledge of their people.

Someday, executives will know how sales learning and coaching impact sales behavior and results. Someday sales technology will actually help sales people – help them learn, help them grow, help them win.

In fact, someday even sales forecasts will be accurate.

That day is today. We’re AXIOM Sales Force Development, and we are delivering solutions to develop tomorrows sales champions right now. We provide online learning integrated with world-class applications for opportunity management, account management, and coaching. We are making your CRM the tool it was always meant to be by providing feedback and learning in real time to drive behavioral change in your sales people. Better coaching, better learning, better selling, and more time in the field spent having more productive conversations.

Selling is no longer art. It is science. Learning is no longer an event; it is continuous. Join AXIOM today.

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